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The Set Up Podcast with Zac Hall on Art Installations and Event Production

Zac Hall

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Zac Hall is a talented art director and installation artist who created a new wave of design for musical experiences. He has created sets for Chance the Rapper's music video for "We Go High", The Late Late Show "Roo" musical performance and "The Big Day" album release event. His work can also be seen during NBA All Star Weekend with Tiger Works x Adidas and Chicago productions - Active the Loop and Rituals. ⁣

Zac's style incorporates floral design inspired by the environment and physical elements mixed with innovative technology. He once flew in 14,000 white roses from Ecuador for an installation created for Chance the Rapper's event.

Prior to art design, Zac worked in marketing for well known food and retail brands before pursuing art full time. He followed a traditional path after college but always knew that art was the direction he should take, rewinding back to his late night strolls home in college. He had a passion for picking up flowers and arranging them in very creative ways. His passion became apparent and he took the leap. 

When he isn't working, you can visit Zac at his home in Chicago with his chickens.

In this episode of The Set Up series, Zac shares his inspiration behind his floral art, how he sets up these pieces for artists, and how he was able to make a career out of his passion (transitioning from a marketing corporate role).⁣

"Do not give up, follow your light...If you have something in your head or your heart, believe in that and follow that and keep doing it."

Listen to Episode 4 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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