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Sydney Oberholtzer

Host, Creator, and Marketing Expert

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"Thank you so much for visiting my page, listening to my podcast, and getting to know me. I am beyond excited to connect with you. I encourage you to connect with others in the community and form relationships in the industry. Music would be nothing without our community! BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE AMAZING, don't forget that."

The Set Up Podcast

                Sydney has a passion for music, connections and experiences. 


Before hosting The Set Up, Sydney worked for Rolling Stone Magazine as the Brand Partnerships Manager, leading the integrated marketing programs between the magazine and Fortune 500 advertisers. She had the privilege of working across talent relations, experiential, video production, and editorial to produce curated events and content in an effort to promote product launches and significant brand awareness.

Sydney has recently worked independently to create experiences for artists, local productions and music festivals like Firefly Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Her approach involves the Return on Emotion. For any brand, the biggest achievement and measure of success should be to build trust and loyalty amongst their consumers. In time, their fans and consumers will feel connected and invest their time back into the brands that have supported them. Now, she is a full time Marketing Consultant working with artists and brands.


After pivoting her career from the corporate world to self employment, Sydney has met many professionals who work behind the scenes to create phenomenal and thought provoking experiences. As a result, she had one goal in mind, she wanted to give all of the beautiful, artistic individuals and creators a platform to share their stories, connect and help those who seek similar paths. 


Her mission is to build a community for music industry professionals and educate others of the work that happens behind the scenes. 

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