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Interested in being a guest on an episode of The Set Up Podcast, live performance or a future workshop?

The Set Up series connects creators in the music industry, guide young music professionals and educate music fans on all elements within music.

The Set Up is a platform gives you the opportunity to be in the spotlight. You will help aspiring music industry professionals ready to break into the industry by sharing your path that led you to where you are at today. You will have the opportunity to join a community of like minded professionals and expand your network which is very valuable especially in times like this. Let's collaborate and learn from one another.

We are looking for:

  • Veteran Music Professionals who wish to share their story

  • Musicians

  • Professionals who work behind the scenes in the music industry

  • Professionals who have unique career trajectories working with artists

  • Creators of experiences for artists and fans

  • Individuals who adopt or innovate new trends, products, tech or experiences in music

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