The Music Industry has thrived off intimate networking, referrals and word of mouth. What happens when no one is working in music? What happens when there are limited traditional music industry jobs? That is our reality now.

We want to help you establish an online presence, promote your personal brand and help translate your skills into other industries to protect yourself from situations like these.

Personal Branding Assistance with:

  • Linkedin Profile

  • Personal Strengths Discovery

  • Resume Critique

  • Online Engagement
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Content

If COVID has proved one thing to be true, it is that we now have time to promote ourselves with the new found time we now have. You should NOT blindly apply to hundreds of jobs. You need to put thought leadership in how you should approach your job search. The first step is to establish your online presence and be the teller of your story. The beauty of experience is that you can pick and choose what to show the world. Do not wait for others to create that story for you. You are the creator of your story.

The biggest mistake I have made was that I assumed that my network knew what I have been doing and knew my background. This is absolutely not true for two reasons. First, social media platforms have algorithms that make it impossible for every one to see you unless they specifically search for you. Second, if you are not shamelessly bragging about your accomplishments and skills every day, it is safe to say that they have not heard them.

I am not saying to brag about yourself because we all have seen those posts online, followed with an eye roll and ultimately, it can hinder your authority. There is, however, a certain way you can promote yourself without appearing "self serving" or "fake" etc.

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