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The Set Up with Stephanie Rosa on Festival Squad and Entrepreneurship

Stephanie Rosa


“Instead of festing for myself, I am festing for others. I'm working on it so they can have the experience."


Stephanie Rosa is the founder of Festival Squad, a festival news publication where you can find the latest updates in music, and Festivate, a social media agency. She is now the business development executive at Festicket, a ticketing platform for festivals and concerts. You can call her FestQueen.


Before Stephanie started her music career, she worked in medical sales. After having a very tough year, she decided to quit, pack up her things, travel the US then Eurasia and wrote about her journey based on a suggestion from a friend. While traveling, she met another traveler who recommended applying for festival press passes so that she can get into festivals and write about them for her blog. That changed everything.


She quickly realized that she wanted to pursue her passion and make a career out of it. What started as a travel blog, quickly turned into a credible festival resource for passionate music fans.


In this episode of The Set Up series, Stephanie shares the uphill battle of starting a business, how she grew her business and the future of music festivals. We get the behind the scenes insight on


  • how festival passes work

  • creating a profitable blog

  • new ways to fest in the modern day


Check out the new updates in the world of music and what to expect later this summer!

Listen to Episode 13 of The Set Up here!

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