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A Guide To Chicago's Drive-In Experience

Announced! outdoor event series extended to the fall

The Set Up Podcast at Drive In festival with big gigantic and manic focus

You can add another activity to your bucket list because LakeShore Drive- In is here until Halloween! Audisbliss brought the first ever drive in event series to Chicago. (yes, actually in the city.) Lakeshore Drive-In is located in the Adler Planetarium parking lot on Northerly Island. Featuring a stacked schedule all August, September and October long, you need to attend at least one.

We have come together to create a socially responsible event series that puts gigs in the hands of industry professionals and creates space for Chicagoans to get back to enjoying live entertainment safely."

Reviving Chicago's live events

Collectiv Presents Drive In with Big Gigantic and Manic Focus

Don't like music? Well, who are you and how did you make it to our website? Lucky for you, LSD boasts a full schedule of drag, stand up comedy, film and more!

As my second drive in experience, I am 100% sold on this concept. First off, it is convenient, literally all you need is a car. It is pretty much in my background so I have zero complaints on that.

I attended two shows on separate dates: Two Feet and Sunsqabi. I am looking forward to Mt Joy and Hannibal Buress at the end of September.

Lakeshore Drive In is true to its name and located off of lakeshore drive in the city. It is located at 1362 S Linn White Dr, Chicago IL 60605.

The arrival process was smooth. Tickets were sold in tiered levels broken out by the rows. If you wanted to be closer to the stage, the tickets were pricier. We purchased GA and they still had a view of the stage or one of two jumbo trons. Every car had their designated spot with a small surrounding area to enforce the social distance. Because the lot was smaller than other drive in festivals, the view was tolerable in every spot. That was my biggest worry with GA. Bonus: You are permitted to bring chairs.

As you may have caught onto, I am very conservative when it comes to masks so it was refreshing to see the staff enforce this rule as well. If you had your mask off, you were prompted to stay in the car. The staff was friendly but strict with remaining in your zone.

Reasons why LSDrive In is a great experience--

  • Space to dance.

  • Clean Restrooms (and located on both sides of the lot)

  • Amazing Sound! (unlike other drive in festivals, they had professional speakers)

  • Small Parking Lot

  • Gorgeous Chicago Skyline Views

I have only one critique, this festival was not BYO food or BYOB. However, they had a QR code menu readily available for order and service staff to deliver it to your car. Prices were typical to any other festival.

If you'd like more information, please contact LSD at or

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