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Episode 6 | Inside of a Record Label

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

EP 6 | Navigating a Record Label from The Set Up Podcast | Behind the Scenes in Music

00:00:09 Sydney: Welcome back. I'm Sydney and thank you for joining us on episode 6 of the set up podcast! Every week, I'm joined by a new guest Who works behind the scenes in the music industry. We discuss their experience that led them to where they're at and this tips to break into the industry. We get a peek inside the life of the CEO who doubles as an entertainment lawyer. Let's get started.

00:00:41 Sydney: I am super excited to welcome our guest, Brian Witkin. Brian has spent nearly two decades in the record business as CEO of Pacific Records and continues to be musically active as songwriter and record producer.

00:03:09 Sydney: What are your main responsibilities as the CEO of the label?

00:04:09 Brian: I run the label on the business side. We look at other things from analytics on social and Spotify. We look at shows and venues they play at. We have people who go out shows and are actively searching for talent that we work with and generally it just depends where the artists and what kind of deal we're going to offer.

00:05:09 Sydney: What is important on the marketing and promotion side of things?

Brian: We have a team and the marketing director and some other marketing assistants to help Market the records when they are released. On the creative side, we can produce and engineer music.

00:06:37 Sydney: Are other people involved in the process?

Brian: The more successful the artist, we will have radio promotion and someone who specializes in Spotify playlists.

00:08:08 Sydney: What else do you do for musicians?

Brian: Depending on what their needs, we have an in house recording studio. Some of our artists record.

Sydney: How do people hear your music?

Brian: We have the music and release calendar. So a lot of our records release every Friday for the next several months with a single or album. So that's part of it and the other part We're going to have Sprung Monkey in Old Town along with a bunch of our other emerging artists that will be releasing. Hopefully in the beginning of summer is our Target date right now album are going to benefit music cares. We are helping musicians that are struggling right now.

Sydney: As if the label doesn't keep you busy enough, You are also a practicing Entertainment attorney.

00:11:04 Brian: I always liked working with musicians. I can become more knowledgeable and a lot of those skills I could see myself sharpening and honing in on as the CEO of a label and a lot of the knowledge that I gained associated with a musical works. Artist might try to navigate first so much involved on the intellectual property side of things. That is so important for artist to understand.

00:12:04 Brian: Certain level of the business side of how the industry is constantly changing. My personal favorite resource is a book called "all you need to know about the music business" by Donald.

Sydney: How did you start your career in music?

00:13:04 Brian: I started at a Spot called the epicenter and we had a bunch of substantial National acts as they were emerging, big artists like Maroon 5 show with a band called The Fray. I was helping security So I was working the side area of the small venue. So it's like, next to the stage and the audience and I saw a bunch of people trying to sneak from the backstage area and come into the area and no one's supposed to be there. It turns out that it was the band. They snuck out for burritos.

00:14:26 Sydney: Why would they?

00:14:31 Brian: The front entrance was packed with people and it was the only way. So essentially I tried to kick out The Fray.

00:15:31 Sydney: Music runs in the family. Your dad was in a band. How was it growing up in your household?

Brian: My father has performed in , arguably,the most important music festival in world history. Mostly it was great. I am so lucky to have had two parents who were both musicians being around all of my childhood and I'm so thankful for it.

00:17:02 Sydney: What was The most important thing that you've learned in your career so far?

Brian: I would say at the end of the day. It just comes down to know who you're working with and trusting who you are working with. Surround yourself with smart like-minded people.

00:17:22 Sydney: Thank you so much Brian. It was such a pleasure to talk to you. if You enjoyed this episode, please stay tuned for episode 7 where we will be discussing how to run a business and music. Pleas give me a follow to stay up-to-date with all the new episodes.

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