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The Set Up Podcast with Nick Kandelaki on Tour Management

Nick Kandelaki

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Nick Kandelaki earned his title on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Entertainment for his work as tour manager for Macy Gray and Executive Producer for emerging singer, songwriter and bassist, Nik West's album "Moody."⁣

Nick's music career started in 2012 when he met Macy Gray at a music festival in Europe. First impressions matter- Nick quickly won Macy over and became her day to day assistant turned tour manager. Artists work with a lot of people in music and not everyone has a good intention so it is very important for them to trust their managers. Since then, he has been the producer in charge of organizing the logistics for the last 3 years and collaborations with other artists featured on the album.

Coronavirus has affected the live events industry, we all are aware of this by now. What is happening with these scheduled tours? What are promoters, organizers and artists doing now?

This episode of The Set Up series gives us a glimpse into a tour manager's role and everything they need to do to create the experiences we see as fans. We discuss the responsibilities and challenges of tour management, tour logistics, the current state of touring, and the key to building relationships in the music industry. ⁣

"Be Persistent."

Listen to Episode 9 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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