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The Set Up Podcast with Mikolai Stroinski on Music Composition for Video Games

Mikolai stroinski

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Mikolai Stroinski is a world renowned music composer for movies, TV shows and video games for over 16 years. He is best known for his Music in "Witcher 3," "Age of Empires 4," "League of Legends," and most recently, "Bee Simulator" which has just won Game Audio Network Guild Award for Best Music in an Indie Game. ⁣

Mikolai was born in Kenya, lived in Warsaw, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and now lives permanently in Los Angeles. He has worked for TV Networks like CBS, HBO, Discovery, and Fox before he composed music for video games. He has won many awards for his soundtracks throughout his career and continues to push the limits of his practice. 


Before Witcher was a compelling series on Netflix, Witcher 3 was the Video Game of the Year in 2015. The music tied the video game together and created an in depth world that every player invested lots of their time.

Music has always been a great way to create a compelling story and evoke emotion. In this episode of The Set Up series, you will learn the role music plays in video games, music creation process, and his unique role working behind the scenes in game development. If you love music, this episode will give you a new perspective on the relationship music and video games have.⁣

"Music helps express emotions that cannot be conveyed through video or dialogue."

Listen to Episode 8 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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