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The Set Up Podcast with Megan Gersch on Brand Development and Design

Megan Gersch

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Megan Gersch has over 10 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Unicorn. She helps music brands and venues with branding and design of their merchandise, websites and logos.⁣ Megan has been the Graphic Designer and Creative Director for Live Nation (festival and concert promoter), Spaceland Presents (owner of Echo, Echoplex and Regent Theater in Los Angeles) and KCRW (Southern California radio station). ⁣ ⁣

Megan has been a member of the music community at a young age, attending shows and helping her musician friends. She understands a different side of the music industry and how to help those who need it most.

In this episode of The Set Up series, Megan shares tips on marketing tactics, how to obtain clients and navigating the gig and freelance life.


"Keep Learning. Always try to push the limits." 

Listen to Episode 11 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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