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The Set Up Podcast with Mat Devine of Kill Hannah on Cameo and Music Partnerships

mat devine

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“You don't want the  linear. You want the highs and the lows. You want the crashes and the victories. You need that."

Mat Devine is the Head of Music Partnerships at Cameo, a social platform where celebrities send paid “shout outs” to their fans.

Before Mat spearheaded the musician acquisitions at Cameo, he spent the last 25 years of his life producing albums, touring and making music with his bands Kill Hannah and Wrongchilde. He founded Kill Hannah in the late 90's while attending college in Chicago. He spent 6 years hustling, developing a cult following in Chicago to get signed to a record label. 

In this episode of The Set Up series, we discuss his pivot from being a musician to the tech world and how being an artist prepared Mat for his current role. As a musician himself, he understands the challenges and the ever evolving landscape artists and professionals in the music business need to adapt to. His mission is to continuously connect artists to their fans and help artists with additional nontraditional revenue streams during times like this pandemic.

The music industry is dynamic. As music industry professionals, our career paths do not have to be conventional or linear. We have the opportunity to test different routes and discover our passions. It is okay to fail or pivot because then, we can grow as professionals and humans. 

Other topics in the interview--

1. Hilarious struggles of organizing a virtual variety show

2. Music Industry then and now

3. New ways artists can engage with their fans 

4. Translatable skills that artists and creative professionals can apply to more "traditional" roles

Listen to Episode 12 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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