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Jason Euler The Set Up Podcast on Artist Management and Mentorship

Jason Euler

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In this episode of The Set Up Podcast, Jason discusses the importance of mentors in music, his journey building a business and artist management advice. You can expect these main topics in Episode 19 of The Set Up Podcast.

10:52 Preparing Yourself for Music

13:02 Overcoming Failure

16:57 Mentor Program for Music Professionals

25:25 Artist Attributes & Understanding your Fans

30:52 Artists without a Budget

35:57 What To Do During Covid & What To Expect After Covid

Jason Euler is the Founder of Kinekt (formerly The Artist Path), a mentoring platform for creative professionals to connect with industry professionals. He is also the Experience Creator for Relentless Beats and Manager of Bella Renee, R3ll, Ekonovah and Tydi.

Jason's passion for music started when he was 23 years old while attending his first festival, Mad Decent Block Party. Although he lost all of his friends and paid $85 for an uber home, he knew he found his calling. Jason rented a party bus for the next festival so that he can have a safe ride home and ended up making $2,000 in which he donated to a Children's Hospital.

Octiv Entertainment was founded as a transportation service for festivals and quickly evolved to talent buying and producing house/bass shows in Phoenix. Jason produced his first major event in partnership with a local hotspot which got cancelled two days prior to the show. That did not stop him from doing everything he can to make it happen. Seventy events over 2 years later, Octiv was acquired by Relentless Beats, a large concert and festival producer in the Southwest.

Before paving a path in music, Jason was a professional baseball player for the Cardinals. Follow along as he shares how baseball helped his career in music and other things he learned along the way.

Listen to Episode 19 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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