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James Landry on Music Marketing and Distribution on The Set Up Series Podcast

James landry


James Landry understands artists and treats artists’ music careers as a business. James is an experienced entrepreneur and licensed New York Attorney who was born and raised in Dover, New Hampshire. Putting his education and experience to use, James started De Novo Agency in 2017 to protect artists while building a marketing strategy for their music.


James Landry dedicates his career to expose the pitfalls within music promotion and distribution by educating independent artists through his music marketing agency, music distribution platform and podcast. 


When he wasn’t spending time studying, you could have found him at the gym in his free time as he earned world rank powerlifter at Florida State University.


In this episode of The Set Up Podcast, you will learn the business of music careers. Whether you are working with artists or an artist, this episode breaks down music distribution process and music promotion.


  1. Understand the Music Business and How it Works

  2. Learn who your audience is

  3. Define Your Goal as an Artist

  4. Using Spotify as part of Your Marketing Strategy

  5. Music Distribution Challenges

  6. Income Stream Options


You can listen to James answer questions on marketing for artists, artists business and distribution live every Wednesday night on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

Listen to Episode 14 of The Set Up Podcast here!

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