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The Set Up Podcast with Izzy Lugo on Video Production and Entrepreneurship

Izzy Lugo

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Izzy Lugo is the Founder and COO of a content and events agency called Urban Misfit Ventures. He and his co founders built the brand that you see today from what started out as a traveling podcast. They create beautiful video content for music festivals, artists, influencers and nationwide household brands. Two years ago, they had their first project filming on stage with Playboi Carti and Lizzo at Summerfest.


His journey didn't start this way, he was unemployed before he started his company. Izzy is living proof of the power behind being yourself, believing in your vision, and the value of the unconventional. In this episode of The Set Up series, we go behind the scenes of content creation, entrepreneurship and how to build personal and professional brands. Feel inspired and learn how to follow your own path.

In his free time, Izzy spends a lot of time interviewing creatives, musicians and entrepreneurs on Strange on Purpose podcast & traveling the world to speak. He is also a huge sneakerhead and you can follow his shoe adventures at Misftkicks on Instagram.

Listen to Episode 7 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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