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Hope Taylor The Set Up Podcast on Music Video Production

Hope Taylor

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"Utilize your resources! Focus on the things you can do....Whoever you are in life, you need to have a personal brand."


Hope Taylor is an artist and entrepreneur. She is part of the emerging electronic duo Silent Disco Sex, who brought us "Shapeshifters" and newest EP "Concubine." Her music is heavily influenced by Porishead and Nine Inch Nails. Hope is known for her unique sound design and dark, cinematic vibes in her music and her music videos.

Without any prior experience in video production, she created her first music video by herself and quickly realized it was her calling. As a DIY artist, Hope continues to be the producer, videographer, creative director, video editor and subject of all her music videos. Over the years, she has mastered the overall process of creating content and strategy for artists' music. Realizing that there wasn't a central hub where she can collaborate on all creative aspects of her musical career, Hope launched A.F.T.A Music in response to all of the artists who also experience the same challenges.

Through A.F.T.A Music, Hope provides full creative services in support of artists' brands and provides education on their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

In this episode of The Set Up Podcast, Hope breaks down the art of music videos and the overall process for creating one. Whether you are working with artists or are an artist yourself, this episode focuses on how you can create a music video independently or with a team. You can expect these main topics in our full episode at the link below.


  1. Music Video Production Process

  2. How to Fit Music Videos in a Music Marketing Strategy

  3. Ways to Re-purpose Your Content

  4. Video Editing Tools + Tons of Resources during COVID

Listen to Episode 17 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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