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Ed Brew on The Set Up Podcast on New Tech in Music and Demo Submission

Ed brew

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"Having worked with labels and artists, I saw how broken the music submission landscape was and wanted to streamline it so it worked for both artists and labels."


Ed Brew is the Founder of 3 companies, created with the mission to make the music industry better and easier for artists to succeed. Ed is now the CEO of LabelRadar, a platform that allows artists to directly submit clips of their music directly to their favorite record labels. He is on a mission to make the demo submission process easier for artists, labels and promoters.

Ed unintentionally got his first break in music after he put together a successful music compilation to raise money for a charity event. Soon after, he joined a content licensing agency, working with popular Youtube channels like Trap Nation and Proximity (creators of Digital Mirage Digital Festival) to secure the rights to music for their playlists. 

Once he got his feet wet in licensing, Ed expanded his experience into sync licensing and soon created his first company, Visceral Music, focusing on securing music from electronic artists for film, TV and video games. He worked with brands like EA Games, HP and Bridgestone and working with lots of artists nationwide. With years of creating relationships with artists, he founded his second company, Hello Group, that focuses on talent management. He has worked with Grammy winning songwriters, artists and music influencers; one of which grew from 40,000 subscribers to 2 Million subscribers in just 4 years.

In this episode of The Set Up Podcast, we provide advice on how to help artists develop their careers. Whether you are working with artists or are an artist, this episode breaks down areas to focus within their careers and offers an easy way to submit music to record labels. You can expect these main topics in our full episode at the link below.


  1. Key Elements of an Artist Career

  2. 3 Areas to Focus in your Career

  3. Overview of Demo Review Process

  4. How to Submit Music to a Label

  5. Best Free Mobile Tool 

Listen to Episode 16 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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