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The Set Up Podcast featuring Dylan Hester on Touring and Playing Guitar for a Country Band

Dylan Hester

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Dylan Hester has been touring for 2 years straight with the talented country artist, Mitchell Tenpenny, known for his hits "Alcohol You Later" and "Drunk Me" until Coronavirus brought them to an abrupt halt. They were mid fight when they got the notification of the travel ban. Since then, he explores and provides alternatives for supplemental income since his tour has been on hold for the remainder of the year. 

Before the pandemic, Dylan had the opportunity to travel across the US, play for dozens of shows and festivals and open for artists like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

Dylan is from Nashville, TN and still lives there today. Dylan has always played guitar, from his first time playing in front of a crowd during a 5th grade party to now playing in front of thousands. He met Mitchell through his best friend and drummer of the band during college. 

In this episode of The Set Up series, you get the inside scoop of touring, what it takes to be a touring guitarist and more tips on how you can make it as a professional in the music industry.

Listen to Episode 3 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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