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The Set Up Podcast with Cory Lorentz on Artist Relations and Audio Quality

Cory Lorentz

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Cory Lorentz has been a long time member of the music community as Artist Relations Manager for Shure over the last 20 years. He has created Artist Tour Profile Videos and managed partnerships with artists like Bea Miller, Iron Maiden, Matt & Kim, and Henry Rollins. 

Cory is the connector between audio equipment, artists and sound engineers. He has spent his career creating content for company websites, magazines, podcasts, videos, and newsletters. He paved his path by creating meaningful relationships and not being afraid to take on work when no one else wanted to.

One of the crazier moments of his career was attending and filming Iron Maiden's 3 hour sound check including full on gear, fire and planes... If you are an Iron Maiden fan, you know that it is rare for the band to have a sound check. Cory shares his experience On Tour with Iron Maiden within this  episode of The Set Up series, tune in to learn how Cory and his team created that relationship.

In Episode 5, he shares insight on importance of audio quality while artists perform and how he has supported them throughout their careers.

Listen to Episode 5 of The Set Up Podcast here!


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