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The Set Up Podcast with Brian Witkin on Record Label Management and Marketing

Brian Witkin

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Brian Witkin is a music business triple threat. He produces music, owns Pacific Records (record label), and practices entertainment law in California. Brian has spent nearly two decades in the record business and continues to be musically active as an artist, songwriter, and record producer. Brian is also a GRAMMY® Voting Member of The Recording Academy.

Bitten by the entrepreneur bug earlier in life, Brian represented his friend's band by slapping a sticker on their first CD. It soon transformed from promoting bands to the full service record label you see today. He oversees operations and marketing for the artists they represent. As a musician and producer himself paired with his entertainment law background, he understands the challenges artists can face in the industry.


In this episode of The Set Up Podcast, he shares the "ins and outs" of marketing new music and offers other great resources for musicians. Brian is part of the amazing music community comprised of professionals who work behind the scenes in music to create experiences for artists and fans. 

Listen to Episode 6 here!


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