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The Set Up Podcast with Yasmine Mifdal on Audio Engineering and Touring with Rappers

Yasmine Mifdal

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Yasmine Mifdal is a talented audio engineer who has been touring with R&B singer, Xavier Omar, and previously rapper, Smino. As a young, female music professional, she stands out amongst the usual crew members on tour but with her skill set, she is the fastest growing audio engineer in the music business. Because of her tenacity while a student at Columbia, amazing mentor and knowledge of her worth, she is able to land gigs with artists at big events like Coachella and Nascar.

Before touring, Yasmine managed the audio inputs and created playlists for Nascar while also working at an AV production company in Chicago. She learned the logistics of stage production prior to being an audio engineer, understanding all aspects before working with artists.

In this episode of The Set Up series, Yasmine shares stories on the road, her typical routine setting up for a show, audio engineering basics, and the perks of being a gig worker. ⁣

"At first, say yes to everything. I say yes to literally everything job, within reason. Different experience is very valuable."

Listen to Episode 3 of The Set Up podcast here!


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